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  Annual Report 2017-18
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  Rights Issue
  ETFL LOF Filing Version
  ETFL Entitlement Letter
  ETFL Application Form
  Audited financial as on 30-05-2022
  Board Resolution 28.02.2023
  CDSL agreement 1 (1)f
  Certificate of Incorporation
  Commencement of Business certificate
  CTC_BR_January 12, 2023
  December 2022_Results
  Enbee Trade- Memorandum _ Articles (1)
  ENBEE TRADE_Rights Issue Agreement
  ETFL- DLOF- Filing Version (28.2.2023) final
  Issue Agreement_Enbee
  NSDL agreement 1 (1)
  Statement of Tax Benefits_February 28, 2023
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